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Leading Water Heaters Manufacturers

There is no doubt that water heaters play a vital role in people’s lives. It allows more people to easily heat water. In line with this, there are several manufacturing companies that produce high quality and durable water heaters.


General Electric, also known as GE, is a stunning company that produces electric and gas water heaters. Tank water heaters offered by the company come in several different energy systems, efficiency levels, and sizes. Products of the company also have different warranty coverage and plans. GE’s tank water heaters may only be purchased at Home Depot because it has an exclusive partnership with the company. As part of company’s innovation, the company introduced tankless water heaters.

In terms of water heaters, no doubt that there are several water heater models that you can choose from. As part of GE’s innovation, they develop GE GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater which is actually part of HE’s water heater generation. Energy Star rated this product and claimed that the use of GE GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater will enable you to save energy up to 62%. This hybrid water heater was developed using advanced technologies. This product enables you to save more and cut high expenses for heating water. This product may be more expensive than other models available today, but you are guaranteed that this product will get the job done.


Kenmore produces electric and gas water heaters. Water heaters produced by the company are available in different sizes, Hydrosense electronic temperature control and configuration and Power Miser system. Kenmore water heaters are available at Sears.


This company manufactures and markets electric and gas water heaters. It creates water heaters suitable for residential applications. They also have water heaters that efficiently work using a solar water heater system. Water heaters of this company are available in different sizes. You can buy water heaters manufactured by Rheem in Home Depot.


The company produces and markets electric and gas water heaters. Water heaters produced by this company are also available in different configuration system, standards, and sizes. You can buy water heaters manufactured by Whirlpool in Lowe’s.

AO Smith

No doubt that almost everyone loves hot water. In line with this, A. O. Smith understands many people’s need for a water heater. Aside from water heater, the company also entered the industry of developing and manufacturing water purification. The company has an advocacy and mission to be a global leader.


This company manufactures water heater suitable to use for both commercial and residential application. It is the largest water heaters manufacturing company located in the North.

Bradford White

Bradford White has years of experience and expertise in terms of developing and manufacturing solar, oil, electric and gas powered models. The company has a wide range of water heating products. The company also seeks continuous innovation to meet people’s wants and need for an excellent water heating system.

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