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Better Indoor Air Quality for Annapolis, MD

Have you noticed your allergies increase when you hang out inside your home? Do you suffer from regular asthma attacks? Both of these issues could be related to your indoor air quality coming from your vents. The professionals at W. L. Staton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling help by running diagnostic tests on your HVAC system to ensure its efficiency and cleanliness. We have worked with a multitude of different makes and models to ensure we understand how yours works and work on them no matter the unit.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured workers treat your home as if it were their own. Each time they come to service your HVAC system, they clean up after themselves before heading back to the shop. They check everything necessary to give you the best possible air when you turn on the heat or cooling. Give us a call at the first sign of an issue. Even if you haven’t been getting sick or have problems, it’s always good to have us check for general maintenance.

What is Indoor Air Quality and How Is It Measured?

It often goes overlooked, but your indoor air quality gets worse over time if you do not take care of your HVAC system and more. W. L. Staton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help measure the quality to ensure you are breathing the best possible air while indoors. We have seen some houses where the outside air is better than what’s inside. If improperly checked, your indoor air quality could lead to health issues with your respiratory system. Especially if you are prone to breathing problems because of asthma or other issues, you need a team to keep an eye on your quality level. We use the industry’s best measuring devices to pinpoint the exact level of dirt in the air and then develop a personalized solution to get you clean air.

Signs You Need Indoor Air Quality Assistance

It is understandable if you are unsure of the quality of your indoor air. It is often overlooked, and there is no set device in the home to alert you to low levels. Our team is well trained and equipped to handle the problems swiftly. We want you to enjoy hanging out at home and breathing better air. Below are some signs to watch out for and warnings signs as to when you should contact our team of technicians:

Dust Build-Up: Dust will always be a problem in your house, but if you begin to see it gathering around vents, you have a problem. You also shouldn’t have to dust more than once a week. If you are, something is going wrong with the indoor air quality.

Coughing and Sneezing More: If you have noticed yourself getting sick more often or even slight coughs and sneezing, our team of technicians can help. With proper testing and measuring, we can find the source to prevent you from using more sick days from work.

Odd Odors: Whether coming from the ductwork or the outdoor, we will find where the smell’s cause is coming from to remove it immediately. The air coming through your vents should be colorless and odorless.

Issues With Humidity: It is essential to balance the humidity level in the house because mold and mildew will thrive in all the spaces you can’t see if it is too high. When the humidity is too low, you will notice issues related to the dryness in the throat, eyes, skin, and sinuses.

Mold and Mildew Growth: Poor air circulation leads to mold and mildew growth in the bathroom and kitchen area. You can often smell them when they begin to be a problem and if you see them, call on us right away. Both issues lead to significant problems with breathing and sickness.

Poor Air Distribution: A blockage could cause this in your ductwork, such as rodents who have passed away or built their home. The winter is a challenging time for them, so they will try to find the warmest space, and ducts are often easy for them to access.

Improved Ventilation

If you still use the old school or original ceiling fans in your house, it may be time to switch them out with more modern options. They could be the reason you have such low air quality. W. L. Staton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has access to some of the best industry to give you the best air possible. Be sure to check with our representative about our many different options to see which one would be best for you and your indoor air quality.

Air Filters

Another leading cause of poor-quality air is your air filter. Most homeowners forget to check on this equipment and do not change them in the appropriate amount of time. We recommend changing these filters every three months. With our regularly scheduled maintenance visits, count on our professionals to check in on this to ensure they remain clean. Some systems require shorter or longer time frames, and some options are better than others. Count on us to make sure the air coming from your HVAC system is being filtered adequately for your allergens and more.

Reach Out to W. L. Staton for Better Air and More

The team at W. L. Staton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is here to help measure and rectify your indoor air quality. We use every tool at our disposal to treat the air in your home for healthier living. Consider joining our Staton Club Membership to get even more savings and timely services for your HVAC system. Give us a call today and allow our team to keep your Annapolis home comfortable, safe, and healthy.