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Founded to be the premier plumbing company, W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has been serving the Annapolis Area for more than 30 years. We proudly offer a wide array of plumbing services that hit your problems to the core. One of the simplest and best things about us is our highly-trained and knowledgeable technicians. They are oriented in the field of installation, maintenance and plumbing repair that leave your clients with utmost satisfaction. This is prior to the knowledge that our team of technicians is truly committed to doing their job perfectly.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing

We also offer twenty-four seven emergency plumbing-related services that cause you no delay. With the presence of our local plumbers, expect that you will only get the best experience from us. You will be most guaranteed by our highest level of service.

Guaranteed Installation and Repair

Nothing beats us in terms of this service that our quality work sets us different from others. Through the level of dedication, commitment and hard work that our team is known for, we are highly distinguished from our competitors in the industry.

Expert Craftsmanship

Operating and following the stricter “Code of Ethics”, our company is doing this in ensuring the best repairs for our clients. We handle our repair services professionally. Our technicians are also oriented about the value of being courteous and attentive. Homeowners around the area of Annapolis witnessed the expert craftsmanship, honest pricing and attentive care from our company. Indeed, they continue on coming back for more of our services. We believed that through the mentioned core values that our company adheres to, we continue to please them.


• Plumbing Service for Annapolis and surrounding areas
• Reserved service without blackout dates
• Friendly and Polite service
• On-time and Real-time service
• Guaranteed Performance
• Plumbing Maintenance Choices
• Fair pricing with the use of upfront quotes
• 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
• Personalized Suggestions from the Expert Plumbers

Rely on Us

When you rely on us, expect that your drain and plumbing problems are completely resolved. Yes, we can do it fast. We are insured and licensed and our team of technicians drives with their vehicles fully-stocked with the best tools and equipment.

We are your number one plumbing repair company that offers you with the best, most professional and most honest advice on all your plumbing issues. If you have a small or large job, we can do it all for you. The majority of homeowners in the area depend on us more as their company for plumbing services. Our professional plumbers provide the most dependable and fastest service available that leaves them at peace.

They will arrive in their uniforms and will always be ready to ask questions prior to the repair. No need to suffer from a major headache for your plumbing issue. The standing water or sump pump that continues to create for extreme noise inside the basement will be addressed properly. These are among the things that you do not like to spend all your time with.

We exist because of these issues that continue to piss you off. Being the best local plumbing service provider in the area, we will all be after eliminating your headaches, stresses and worries. Our licensed and well-trained plumbers are ready to help you out.

Just call us and we’ll be fixing your septic system or heater. We would add up a little maintenance and repair. If you spend your time with a cold shower, it would be best for you to contact us now. We surely are your #1 local plumbing service provider that gives you a free estimate. Your plumbing issue will get fixed in no time at all. We will be open and honest with your regarding your plumbing issue. Our plumbers are there to work things out easy for you!

W.L. Stanton Plumbing


1805 Virginia Street, Suite C
Annapolis MD 21401



Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00
Saturday 8:00 – 5:00


1805 Suite C Virginia Street, Annapolis MD 21401

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