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High-Quality Plumbing & HVAC Services

W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling does high-quality plumbing as well as heating & cooling work in Maryland and we have worked in countless residential and commercial jobs over the years in Annapolis and beyond. Our team of licensed professionals is knowledgeable and experienced and we always put the needs of the customer first. We take pride in providing honest, affordable service and we have been in this business since 1983. If you have a plumbing or hvac need, we can help you address it.

We have taken the steps to become licensed, bonded, and insured, both for your peace of mind and to show we take our job seriously. It’s our belief that professionals in this industry should stand behind their work and commit to a standard of excellence that they uphold on every job they do for a client. Our service is 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Work We Have Done

Our company handles both residential and commercial plumbing services. We take on projects that are new builds and handle everything from start to finish. We also do maintenance and repair work on heating and cooling systems for homeowners and commercial buildings. You can see more specifics on the various pages throughout our website, but below you’ll find a quick list of items that we offer for quick reference.

There are also a number of other plumbing services we can provide for you or your company, including a variety of specific new plumbing services and 24-hour emergency services. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment for any of the services above.

Why Work With Us

When it comes right down to it, experience makes an enormous difference when it comes to plumbing or hvac work. Our company has been around for many years serving the community of Annapolis and surrounding towns. We have a reputation for providing outstanding, fast service at a reasonable price, something you don’t see often in the industry. We aren’t here to take advantage of you. We’re here to help you get the work you need done so you can go on with your life with some peace of mind knowing that it’s done right.

We invite you to contact our office to inquire about whatever service you require. A staff member will talk with you about your project and let you know what we can do to help.

Contact us any time for emergency service.

Call Now for Expert Plumbing or HVAC Services!