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Meet Our Team in Annapolis, MD

Are you looking for qualified plumbers or hvac technicians in Annapolis, MD? Our experienced team at W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is ready to serve you. Whether you require residential or commercial plumbing services, a new custom bathroom plumbing installation, or heating and cooling services, we’re always here to help. Our family-owned and -operated company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can always rest assured that a well-qualified plumbing expert will be available to address your issue when you call us. Our team is detail-oriented and capable of troubleshooting issues of all varieties. In short, we’re proud to say that our technicians are some of the best you’ll encounter anywhere in the business.

Residential & Commercial Plumbers in Annapolis, MD

Our plumbers in Annapolis, MD, can handle any type of residential or commercial property that needs our attention. Serving customers across Anne Arundel County, we’ve provided plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance for homes, apartment complexes, condos, and office buildings of all sizes. We’ve designed and installed new plumbing fixtures for new construction projects and remodels, as well as advised homeowners on the best sump pumps, well pumps, and water heaters for their budget and lifestyle. Get peace of mind knowing you’re working with an established team of plumbers who take the extra time to ensure everything we do for you is of the highest quality service.

From drain cleaning services for clogged drains with slow drainage or standing water to certified backflow testing to ensure you have clean drinking water in your home or business, we take pride in every project that we undertake. If you’re ever unsure about what’s wrong with your plumbing system, you can count on our expertise at troubleshooting to detect the issue. Because plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, we also provide reliable 24-hour emergency plumbing services outside of our regular business hours. Whether you call us to provide a general or emergency plumbing service, you can expect to receive the same amount of careful, personalized attention from our reputable plumbers.

Heating & Cooling Repairs, Installation & Maintenance

Our team has extensive experience in all areas of HVAC repair, and we are available for any installation or maintenance your home or business may need. Save money by addressing small issues before they turn into a larger problem with our proactive approach to service. Whether it’s by installing new energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to replace an old appliance or keeping a newer system functioning properly with routine servicing, our team can help provide your home with reliable service throughout the winter or summer.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us for service in Annapolis, MD, is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your property. If you have a clogged bathroom drain, leaky kitchen faucet, flooded basement, frozen or burst pipes, or foul odors coming from your sewer, you can give us a call any time, day or night. We’ll come out and assess your plumbing issue and answer any questions you may have for us. If it’s plumbing-related, there’s virtually nothing our experienced plumbers haven’t seen before. Emergency plumbing repairs come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re equipped to handle them all to your satisfaction. We also have the best HVAC contractors in the area and are skilled in a variety of heating and cooling issues. Contact us in Annapolis, MD, to discuss your needs or to request an estimate, and we’ll get back to you as promptly and professionally as possible.

Our team in Annapolis, MD have over 30 years’ experience with residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC repair. Contact W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to request an estimate.

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